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The Completed Last Alarm Engine

A Fire-Engine Funeral Hearse for Firefighters*

2007 Proto-Type Prior to Restoration

Originally conceived by the Retired Firefighters Association of Tucson, the Last Alarm Foundation has undertaken a restoration project to honor and pay tribute to fallen Brothers and Sisters of the fire service in the Tucson area. The apparatus chosen for this purpose is a 1954 Mack, L Model, 1250 GPM Sedan Pumper, originally purchased by the Long Beach California Fire Department. Following a distinguished and glorious career with Long Beach, the truck retired to Southern Arizona where it proudly participated in parades, car shows, or wherever it could be shown off. Eventually, and like so many proud retirees, it ended up in a storage yard to be all but forgotten.

It is envisioned that this apparatus will have many roles to play, including Fire Safety Education and Fund Raising functions, as well as transporting our departed Brothers and Sisters to their final places of rest…..their “Last Alarm.”

This apparatus is not intended solely for members of the Tucson Firefighting Community. The Last Alarm Apparatus will be made available for the families of all Firefighters within a reasonable travel distance. The reasonable travel distance will be directly proportional to the mechanical reliability, which is directly proportional to the amount of donated funds and services we receive. So please contribute anyway you can. Both large and small donations are welcome!

Financial support from the community has already begun. However, additional funding is still needed to complete the restoration. With support from interested Brothers and Sisters, this project will become a reality that firefighters everywhere can look to proudly. For more information watch our video or to contribute, please continue to our donations page. Thank you!

*The Fire Engine / Hearse is dedicated to All Firefighters,  Active or Retired residing in the State of Arizona. The Fire Engine / Hearse is also available for Law Enforcement personnel at the request of the Family.

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