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A Firefighter is the “Angel” who pulls your sleeping child (or you) from a burning smoke filled room in the middle of the night. It is this true valor and selfless spirit, risking their lives to keep our communities safe, which has earned them the right to a traditional fire service procession when called to their “Last Alarm.”

Now you have a unique opportunity to “Act like an Angel” and express your appreciation, in a manner never before possible, without having to risk your own life! The dilemma is that due to size, expense, and service needs, our modern day fire engines can rarely be used to carry fallen firefighters for funerals.

To answer the need, volunteers are restoring and customizing a 1954 Mack fire truck as a hearse. This beautiful vintage truck will be used for time-honored, traditional, fire service funeral processions fitting for our heroes.

We have many brothers and sisters who have sincerely requested and more than earned a traditional “firefighters” funeral, and time is of the essence! Several retired firefighters who passed away this year desired that their last ride would be on a fire truck, not in a limousine. Sadly, we were not able to fulfill their wishes. Please become one of our 1000 special friends of the fire service today. Help fund the final construction phase of the Last Alarm Foundation’s fire truck hearse.

You would be an ANGEL!

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Donate $25.00 to receive your personalized Certificate and Angel Wings Lapel Pin.

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